That’s all?!?! Calorie burn per round…

I saw an infographic floating around Facebook titled “Dance vs Calories in 1 hour”. I saw the numbers and thought, “wow! 600 calories an hour when I’m dancing Quickstep!” But then I realized that can’t dance Quickstep for an hour, I can hardly last a minute and a half… So being the guy I am, I pulled out my calculator (since math in my head just doesn’t happen these days), and I calculated how many Calories I burn dancing one round of Standard or Latin:

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Lecture by Bill Davies

One of our side projects is called “CompPrep”. It’s basically our way to promote competitive ballroom dancing in our area. The format is simple. Every week I invite local competitive dancers of every level from “fresh out of their first lesson” to seasoned professionals. We then run competition simulation rounds until we run out of time at the studio. We can usually fit in 4 Standard/Smooth rounds and 4 Latin/Rhythm rounds into a 2 hour block. Occasionally, we change it up a little by inviting a judge to town to provide us with feedback during CompPrep, teach a few private lessons, and sometimes give a lecture. Here is a video of one of those lectures by Bill Davies:

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