Lecture by Bill Davies


One of our side projects is called “CompPrep”. It’s basically our way to promote competitive ballroom dancing in our area. The format is simple. Every week I invite local competitive dancers of every level from “fresh out of their first lesson” to seasoned professionals. We then run competition simulation rounds until we run out of time at the studio. We can usually fit in 4 Standard/Smooth rounds and 4 Latin/Rhythm rounds into a 2 hour block. Occasionally, we change it up a little by inviting a judge to town to provide us with feedback during CompPrep, teach a few private lessons, and sometimes give a lecture. Here is a video of one of those lectures by Bill Davies: Read More »

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NDCA produces syllabus videos


A new resource just popped up on the internet. For those of you that dance pro/Am at NDCA competitions, the NDCA has just released a series of videos on YouTube showing the syllabus figures for pretty much every closed syllabus competitive event you can enter in their competitions. Read More »

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Increasing the Number of Spectators at Our Competitions


By nature, I’m a fixer. If I hear about a problem, I immediately start to think about a solution. The question du jour is “how can we increase the number of spectators watching competitions?”

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Men’s syllabus costuming


As men, we usually don’t think about our clothing style. Now imagine my surprise when I found a website that defined several distinctive men’s styles. Among the many, there are Casual, Classic, Creative, Preppy, Rugged, etc. (turns out I have a Rugged style FYI… surprised me too).

When it comes to competition in the ballroom world, there are also several distinctive men’s styles. Namely, there’s Standard, Smooth, Latin, and Rhythm. How about Rugged Standard? Nah, no such thing. Want to wear those preppy nerd glasses or skinny pants to compete in a rhythm event? Go for it!… But you’ll only get to show off your fancy threads for one round. Read More »

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DIY ballroom necklace


Kayla has a new dress, and that means we have an excuse to make another necklace! Luckily for you, we documented the process!

Here’s what you need to buy:

  • Power mesh. Also oftentimes called Sheer Stretch Mesh. Feel free to use a flesh tone or a color to match your dress. 2 yards of the stuff will give you plenty of material to experiment with. Honestly, I think any thin fabric would probably work fine, but this is what we use.
  • Fusible web. Just ask for it in a fabric store, they should know what it is. It is a material that melts when it is heated to fuse fabric together.
  • Liquid latex. I got this from a local hobby store. I’m pretty sure any variety would work, but the particular one we use is called Mold Builder Liquid Latex Rubber.
  • Rhinestones. Definitely order these little guys online. Swarovski or Preciosa rhinestones are typically used, and we usually order them from Rhinestone Guy
  • E6000 glue. Some people also like to use Gem Tac, but we’ve had better luck with E6000. Just make sure you are in a ventilated area. This stuff smells and… it is somewhat carcinogenic…
  • Small brush to apply the liquid latex.
  • Small syringes. Not necessary, but loading a syringe with glue makes things easier.

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